Saturday, August 27, 2011

Radiant Golden Hill Farmers Market!

It was hot today but we have a nice set up so we were able to stay cool enough in the shade at the Golden Hill Farmers Market. We had a wonderful variety of food today. 
Our table first thing this morning
I was feeling radiant in my new dress
We sold a lot of stuff very early. We are so happy that people come back to our booth week after week. Today was fun because a couple of ladies told us exactly how they used our veggies last week and it sounded delicious!

This is what we had left at about 10 am
By the end of the day we sold just about everything we brought.

Spur Valley Ranch gave us some chicken feet, heads and necks that Gidget isn't too sure about
I am certain I'll be making a fantastic broth with them, thank you Spur Valley Ranch!

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