Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden Internship

This was my last morning of internship for Urban Plantations for this season but Yael agreed to let me go back again during the Fall season. 

Gidget begged me to take her with, she knows they have gophers and rabbits; REAL food
It was a beautiful morning and an incredible harvest.

Yellow El Dorado tomatoes
Swiss chard, yellow beans and green zucchini
They have impressive root crops during the warm season which is why San Diego is an incredible place to garden
Lots of beautiful tomatoes in really nice varieties
In Gidget's Garden news, I am in love with the Armenian cucumbers. It is one of the most robust cucumber plants in the garden, and it produces a lot of very pretty and extremely tasty cucumbers.

Rooftop Armenian cucumber
We harvested this Armenian cucumber  yesterday
They are supposed to be straight but when they are in a small area, they simply compensate by growing in a circular shape. The taste is not affected by that, so we take those and hope to bring a couple of straight ones to the market again next week. Last week we brought four and all of them sold early; we hope you enjoyed them.

Gidget working hard while I was away

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