Friday, August 26, 2011

This week's market treats

We are having a warm spell in San Diego which is good for our vegetable plants. We harvested some beautiful food from Gidget's Garden today to bring to market tomorrow.

"You are forcing me to agree with Gidget again. This word "food" you keep using, I do not think you know what this word means. I do not see any chickens, tuna, or even a gopher within the vicinity, where is this food you speak of?"
Gidget is keeping her guard up in case some real food appears in her garden. 
Sierra takes a gander but she doesn't smell anything that resembles food either. 
This is the first basket of the morning; rooftop peppers
I don't care what the pets have to say, this is gorgeous food.

I said last week was our prettiest harvest but that was before I saw this week. 

We still have the herbs, lemon rose geranium and aloe to harvest in the morning.

Purple basil
Purple and green speckled basil
Italian basil
Sweet basil
Tri-color sage
Spicy orange oregano

It's been a tasty week in cucumbers around here and now we hope you're in the mood for some too. 
Armenian cucumber (1)
Japanese cucumber (3) because we're keeping one
Diva cucumber (1)
Slicing cucumber (3) because we're keeping one
Lemon heirloom cucumbers (10) We're keeping some of these too, I just don't know how many yet

Cucumbers are a challenge to grow because they are prone to fungal disease and that is an issue in our garden but they still produce well, are delicious and beautiful so I love them. 

Lady bug egg cluster on slicing cucumber, I hope to show you the babies hatching in a couple days. 
Lemon cucumbers are so much fun and beautiful. 
Regular eggplant (4) because we're keeping one 

Frijole says; "Hey Gidget, they just gave you the garden because you're too dumb to get a contract. If this was Frijole's Garden we would be eating some chicken!" Gidget asks me; "Is this true?"

We have lots of fun peppers this week too. The habaneros are not quite ready yet but we hear you and we're growing them as fast as we can. In the meantime, we have sweet and mild peppers available. 

Sunrise bell (2)
California wonder bell (2)
Purple bell (9)
Jalapeno (21)
Big Bertha (3) because we're keeping one
Poblano (7)
Pepperocini (1 basket) 
Miscellaneous peppers  (1 basket)

Miscellaneous pepper basket

We are currently in between stages with our tomatoes but we expect more very soon. 

Three sisters (9)
Cherry and yellow pear (1 basket) 


Tomatillos and golden zucchini
We tried both of these for the fist time ourselves this week and they are tasty!

Yes we have no bananas but the tree is taller than me now. 
The avocados are coming soon. We promise.
Frijole is convinced we will never have real food and is washing his hands of Gidget's Garden

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