Monday, August 22, 2011

A morning walk through Gidget's Garden

Frijole says; "Gidget's Garden? Seriously? We're still giving her the credit?"
It's a gorgeous late summer day and there is a lot of activity going on in Gidget's Garden.

I love all the butterflies and love them even more when they allow me to photograph them.
I am not sure what variety this one is but it sure is pretty. 
Nature is working all around us. Here we have someone killing someone else on a cucumber blossom
Last week I showed you some lady bug eggs and now they have hatched. 
Here's one that is a little further along, they are also called aphid wolves because they eat tons of aphids
It looks like we'll soon have more of them, I love how amorous lady bugs are!
Our Beefsteak tomatoes are looking good, I can't wait to eat one
The tomatillos are making serious progress, we may have some at the market this week 
I did a little bit of harvesting while I was out, here are some purple podded pole beans and a golden zucchini
An Armenian cucumber that we will eat this week. We should have one or two for market as well
The avocados are coming along nicely. 
Gidget has been working hard at keeping the fig beetle population under control
So she is taking a much deserved nap
I am going to spend some time pruning and planting some fall seeds. San Diego is such a great place to be a gardener.

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