Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another look at jasmine

Awhile back I wrote about my love affair with jasmine and thought I would give a quick update. They are regrowing quickly after I cut them back. But I had to go back and clean out some of the vines that I cut but that I couldn't trace while I was pruning. To make it easier, I decided to wait awhile for the snipped vines to turn brown so they would be easier to find. 

It looks like the plant is dying but it's just vines that I pruned several weeks ago 
After I cleaned out the snipped vines on the right, still have to go through and cut out the ones on the left
Taking the vines out after they die off makes the process less time consuming
Our Madagascar jasmine finally decided to start blooming right after I gave up on it for the year. 
We only got a few blooms on it this time around but next year there should be more. I did try to start a couple new plants from some of the cuttings I took while I was pruning but they weren't successful. Jasmine has an incredible scent so I have a lot of it growing just outside my living room windows. I hope to have a jasmine scented living room next spring.

Jasmine bores Gidget to tears

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