Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Checking in on the worm bin

A few weeks ago we showed you how we made our first worm bin and promised to keep you posted about how it's doing so here we are. 

Here's the bin in our garage
The cardboard we keep on top seems to be doing the job, no fruit flies
Everything looks good and their is no odor so I think we are problem free
I dug around just a little to check on how the first meal we gave them was digested.
It looks like in 3 weeks the little guys took care of the first meal we gave them. We fed them again the following week but I did not disturb that area. I don't want to disturb them too much because they get sensitive about it and may try to run away.

The worms are active and look healthy. We have little babies all over too. 
This is the third meal we have provided them, it's about 12 oz of random kitchen waste.
I dug an area that I had not put food in before and placed my scraps in
And then covered it all up again and replaced the cardboard
We tried to name as many of the worms as we could so they would feel loved and wanted. With the way they're reproducing though it's hard to keep up.

Schlemiel and Schlimazel tried to make a break for it but Hasenpfeffer is still content so I think we're doing okay
I'm happy with just 2 losses. Our worm bin is so far successful and before long we should have some fantastic vermicompost for our plants. If we had a strange odor, ants, fruit flies or any other thing going on then we may need to adjust something but the bin is dark, moist, smells fine and has no pests so we'll just leave it be until we feed it again in another week.

"That's it. You're fired! I'm taking back the head farmer hat. You have not grown a single rabbit or chicken as I've repeatedly requested and you're obsessed with stupid worms!" 

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