Friday, August 5, 2011

Market harvest day

 The harvest looks pretty good for tomorrow. What we lack in tomatoes, we make up for in peppers and cucumbers. We're also bringing the sugar baby watermelon on the right.

Nice melons!
We have a few yellow pear cherry tomatoes this week again and plan to have more next week.
"You keep calling this food but I do not think you know what the word food means...this does not smell like food to me."  
One of two Armenian cucumbers we'll have
"I do not see what you see in these plants. Where are the rabbits?"
Our rooftop corn
Gidget's Garden will not sell corn at the market as it is way too expensive to grow because we don't get government subsidies. We would rather enjoy it ourselves.

lots of cucumbers 
"I just don't get it...why are you spending so much time on plants? And where is the beef?"
Gorgeous lemon cucumbers this week. 
The orange sunrise peppers taste amazing; so sweet! We have a few nice ones
"Okay, I did my investigation, and I'm with Gidget, where's the actual food?"
Before the rinse
Farmer D put a banner on the back of the rooftop garden overlooking the busy parking lot. I like it. 
Farmer D and Gidget. It's not a bad life. 

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