Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Golden Hill Farmers Market!

 Last night was fun. Farmer D and I were celebrating our eight year wedding anniversary; Kim and Sonny were celebrating their success in San Diego; it's been just about a year, and James and Lynn were celebrating their upcoming nuptials. We decided to go out to On Broadway for sushi with Preston, San Diego's premiere sushi chef.  

Three happy girls
Farmer D and Crystal, still blissful after eight years
Not only was their sushi and sake good, The Caburlesque Kittens were there to add to the fun.

This morning's market came early, but we love the market, so we ignored our hang overs and got to it.

One of the vendors worried us when they arrived. Who are they holding hostage?
Here's what our initial setup looked like. It started to fly off the table within seconds.
Shortly after the market started someone walked over to warn me of bees on the ground across the street. I wasn't worried as much as I was curious so about 15 minutes later, I walked over to have a look.

When I got there, I was devastated to see a sea of dead bees. The shop owner next to them decided to douse them with boiling water.
Thankfully, I was able to find the source of them in the tree above.
I don't know if this is just a swarm looking to relocate or what is going on here, but I am going to do my best to find someone to help relocate them because I am afraid the shop owner will just kill them all if they don't move soon.

After the bee situation upset me, I was cheered up by Free Spirit the Clown.
She was even generous enough to take a picture with me and our Armenian cucumber. 
I love clowns and I am so happy to have one at our market. Next week I am hoping to have her paint my face, with tomatoes and peppers, what else?

We also met Nick from Square who hooked us up with a credit card device for our iPad
We don't accept credit cards from customers currently but we may try this device out in the future. 

Gidget spent the day living on the wild side by perching on the step that is clearly marked; "Caution, this is not a step."

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